Boudoir-Everything you need to know...and then some!

What to Expect

Beauty + Boudoir sessions start at $400 and include on-location photography coverage with one photographer, professional makeup application with lashes, hair, image enhancement, on-line photo viewing of your images with option to purchase digital files/photo products a la carte, and a sudden boost of self-esteem. 

Please email me for more details! 

"It's not about seducing men.

It's about embracing womanhood." -Dita Von Teese

Hello, Beautiful! I'm Katie...

...and I'm in the business of beauty. I'm not talking about the type of beauty that you smother all over your face or stuff your hot bod into. I'm talking about the beauty that you feel from the inside out. I'm talking CONFIDENCE. I'm talking "Look out world, I'm a HOTTIE!"

My FAVORITE type of portraiture allows me to give women the same transformation, and then....AND THEN photograph the *expletive* out of them in such a way that anyone looking at the set of photos is in awe of the subject's femininity, confidence, and beauty. Beauty & Boudoir photography is the ultimate experience for ANY woman. I don't care who you are, what you look like, what size your jeans are, how old you are, what your marital status is, or what you put on your toast in the morning (but bonus points if you say Nutella). This type of portraiture is for EVERY woman. It is meant to make EVERY woman feel her absolute best. Sure, sure, these photos make for phenomenal gifts to your significant other...but what's better is that it's the best gift you can give yourself.

My beauty and boudoir clients range from the recently divorced woman who is celebrating her "re-release" into the world, to the mother of 4 who hasn't felt pretty in a decade, to the engaged woman who wants to present her man with a wedding gift that makes him thank his lucky stars that she chose HIM.

So, in case I haven't made my point clear....I am talking directly to YOU. Let's make you feel sexy, shall we? 

The Experience...

You contact me. You tell me that you want to feel beautiful. You tell me what you envision for your boudoir photos. I listen. We brainstorm together. I send you a very detailed digital guide that will walk you through the Runyon Studio Beauty + Boudoir experience. You ask me questions. I answer them. I touch base with you a few days before your shoot to confirm the details and check on you.

On the day of your shoot, my makeup artist comes to you about an hour and a half before your session. She already knows the concept of your shoot and the look we are going for. She enhances your best facial features and makes you look even more stunning than you already are. I check out your wardrobe options and take a walk around your space while you are still getting your makeup done. I am inspired by your space, your light, your wardrobe, your windows.

We talk. We laugh. We create your first look together. I show you exactly what to do. I direct you every step of the way. I encourage you to improvise only when you feel comfortable enough to do so. We change looks. We continue on for the duration of your shoot. At the end you won’t believe how fast it went. You had so much fun. You want to do it again.

The day after your shoot you get a “teaser” image from me. You die. You can’t believe that’s you! About 2 weeks later  I will send you a link to your private gallery and you view your images. You want to show your images to the world, you order Folio boxes. You get your Folio. You don't want to give it to anyone. You love it that much. YOU. FEEL. AMAZING.

Want all that? You deserve it. Shoot me a message and let's chat!

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{Q:} I am a school teacher/pastor's wife/high profile actress/the first lady(HEY Michelle!) and if these photos were leaked it would destroy my this secret safe with you???

{A:} First of all, I doubt that anyone seeing your Boudoir photos would result in anything other than "DANG GIRL, YOU LOOK AMAZING!". My boudoir style, if you haven't noticed, is VERY tasteful, beautiful, and more about the empowerment of woman than the seduction of men. HOWEVER, I can TOTALLY understand if you don't want your images shared with the public! Especially that saucy one, you know...the one that took you the entire shoot to build up the courage to take! You can rest absolutely assured that your images will never be shared without your permission. As soon as your session is complete, your images are uploaded to my office computer in which I am the ONLY person (yes, including others in my household) to access it. I do all of my own boudoir editing and retouching myself and do NOT send your images off to an outsourced editing company. I then upload them to a password protected online proofing gallery. The password is more substantial than "Michelleboudoir" and is hosted with a very secure online proofing gallery website. You (and only you) are then e-mailed the password to your online proofing gallery. In the event that you are super awesome and proud of your images and do permit me to use them on my website, your real name will NEVER be used and I will NEVER tag you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Plus, I am the best secret keeper EVER. Anyhow, your secret is safe with me.

{Q:} How much can you “edit out”?

{A:} This is a touchy subject, but I stick to my gut (no pun intended) on this one. I "Photoshop" very little. I rely on my strategic poses and angles to play down "problem" areas. I WILL edit out minor blemishes skin flaws as well as simple things like under-eye circles and small scars (IF you request the scar-removal). My main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays. Tattoos included. As far as stretch marks go, most women have them—and most of the time, my skin-smoothing editing technique will buff out most average stretch marks. Bottom line–I will work with what you've got and prove to you that you ARE BEAUTIFUL and these will be the best set of photos you have of yourself! My post-processing techniques are more focused on color, contrast, sharpening, etc, rather than body morphing.

{Q:} I am NOT a model! Is a boudoir shoot really for me?!

{A:} Boudoir photography is for EVERY type of woman of all shapes, sizes, and martial statuses. I do not have a “typical client”. My clients are divorcees, fiances, mothers, wives, thin, voluptuous, extra curvy, boyish, feminine, doctors, waitresses, and everything in between! I will work closely with you to play up your favorite features and camouflage your insecurities because, let’s be real, we’re ALL real people! We ALL have insecurities and what we consider to be flaws. I pride myself on being able to work with all types and create fabulous results regardless of the client by means of strategic poses and paying special attention to each client’s favorite features!

{Q:} Where will my boudoir session take place? Do you have a studio?

{A:} Most clients choose to have their photo session take place in their bedroom…after all, that IS the best setting for these gorgeous images. It is not necessary to have a glamorous, luxurious bedroom at all for these photos! As long as you've got a bed, your room is DE-cluttered, and some window light, I can and WILL work with it! You wouldn't believe that some of my favorite boudoir images were taken in the world’s smallest, least decorated rooms. Other parts of your house can be utilized, too! I've had clients use their kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and even their backyards! There are no rules. I always encourage clients to email or text me photos of their space prior to their shoot so I can get the creative juices flowing. Some clients also choose to borrow a friend's place or to rent out a hotel suite for the session! 

{Q:} I'm really not comfortable with being photographed nearly nude, but I really want you to photograph me. Is that a possibility?

{A:} YES YES YES! My specialty is photographing WOMEN--that's in ANY level of dress or undress. Women who shy away from being photographed nude, in lingerie, etc, might be more comfortable doing an outdoor session with an off-shoulder blouse and jeans...that's totally fine! This would fall under the "PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY" style that you can also see examples of on my site! You don't have to take off your clothes to be sexy.

{Q:} Can I have someone with me at my session?

{A:} Sometimes your best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves and give you the reassurance you need to get started with your session! I don’t mind at all if there is a friend with you! I DO ask that the friend not interfere with the shoot (running in to “touch you up” in between every shot, directing your posing, etc) as I will handle anything along those lines that needs done. I recommend no more than 1 friend in the room. Also, it is a requirement of mine that boyfriends/husbands/spouses NOT be in the room while we are shooting. That’s a firm policy. Want to do one better than having a friend there for moral support??? Why don't you book your shoots back to back so you can both enjoy the experience together!

{Q:} What should I do to prepare?

{A:} The beauty of being a Runyon Studio client is, all of these questions are answered in COMPLETE detail for you in the Guide which is emailed to you shortly after booking your session. This will cover exactly how you should prepare your face, body, and mind for your photo shoot, as well as a complete list of resources for beauty appointments and wardrobe for your photo shoot! No question will remain unanswered. I pride myself on offering a boudoir EXPERIENCE to my expect a much longer process than just showing up to shoot and being done with it!

{Q}: Are makeup and hair included? Can I just do my own and save money? 

{A}: Hair and make up is included in the Beauty + Boudoir package ($400). But if you have a friend that is a makeup/hair professional you would rather use, go for it.  You can certainly do your own, but do I recommend it? Not unless you are a professional makeup and hair artist. 

Getting your makeup and hair done sets the tone for your session. It gives you time to relax, get to know me better and feel pampered. But more importantly, having a professional do your makeup means they know how to do camera-ready makeup that will truly make you feel and look special and sexy!

If you have a very specific hair style in mind, or ethnic hair or simply want to come with your hair fully styled, that is fine.

{Q:} Do you photograph men? 

{A:} Not in the boudoir capacity, no. I know what I'm good at, and posing men is just not my background or specialty. I'm always happy to offer referrals to other photographers, though!

{Q:} Do you do couples boudoir?

{A:} Not generally, no. The couples boudoir sessions that I accepted without first meeting with the clients got weird and uncomfortable REAL fast. I'm happily married and not interested in being a part of any fantasies, thank you for thinking of me though ;) I will make exceptions for referrals and existing clients on a case by case basis with a firm set of rules.

{Q:} Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio?

{A:} I, of course, would LOVE to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos! HOWEVER, I also completely understand if you or your significant other might be uncomfortable to share them. So I will not share unless you grant permission. The bottom line is: I will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. Many clients are so proud of their images that they give me full discretion to choose images for my portfolio, some clients prefer that only their faceless images be put in my gallery, some clients prefer to choose the images that are posted, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (after they gift the images). Just let me know where you stand on the topic and I will honor your wishes!

{Q}: How long will the session take? 

{A}: Makeup and hair take an hour to an hour and 15 minutes on average. The photographic session also takes an hour to an hour and a half.

{Q}: Do I bring my own clothes? Do you have some I can use?

{A}:You will need to bring your own outfits. It's important that the items you pick fit you just right, so we know what you bring will fit best!

{Q}:I don't know how to pose. I'm a klutz. I'm not a model. Help!

{A}: This is by far the biggest concern for my clients! Don't worry - I've got you! I will show you exactly how to pose to make you look your best.

My advice on becoming more comfortable with posing for your session is to practice a little beforehand. Try on your boudoir outfits and hit the bed or a wall, etc. Find some poses on Pinterest that you’d like to try and see if you can re-create them. Do they work with your body shape? Note that posing will NOT feel like just another afternoon of lounging around on your bed. I tell my clients that if the pose feels a little weird, they’re probably doing it right! You don’t need to practice the posing in front of a mirror. In fact, if you are the type of woman who is too hard on yourself, don’t involve a mirror. The key is getting comfortable with the feeling of moving and posing in a sensual way.

Think about the position of your legs, feet, hands and fingers. Elongate them as much as possible – pointing your toes and extend your fingers and wrists. Look at how the women in your inspired poses are using their arms and hands. Are they touching their body? Many times a sensual touch lends itself really well to creating a sensual photo – try running a hand down your neck or pulling on your strap slightly. Look at how they are standing – practice standing with some of your body weight shifted to one hip, which means the knee of one leg is likely straight and the other knee is likely bent.

Now have a seat. Don’t get comfortable! Sit with your bottom near the edge of the chair. Is it more comfortable to cross your legs or leave them uncrossed? If they’re uncrossed, practice rising up on your toes slightly to engage your calf muscles and define your leg shape for your photos. (Another free tip embedded in a tip!)

There are classic poses that most clients want to incorporate and new poses that clients wants to try. And I try to find several new poses for each session. Sites like Pinterest make it so easy to create a wishlist of poses you may want to try.

You may want to create your own private Pinterest board of your favorite boudoir poses to share with me for your session. You can either email it to me ahead of your session or share it with me at your session. It’s a great way to inspire us both!

{Q:} The images on your website are very tasteful and pretty, but what if I wanted to get a little

{A:} Get it, girl! I choose to only showcase only the most tasteful and reserved images on my website for the privacy of my clients...but I also capture images that are more provocative. I will say, though, that I am NOT a Penthouse-type photographer so if you are looking for crotch shots and over-the-top suggestive images, I'm probably not the chick to capture that for you. A beautiful black and white image of a nude woman can be classy and tasteful, a woman lying spread eagle on a bed with a rubber ball in her mouth is pornographic and not what I do. You get the idea.

{Q:} What should I wear?

{A:} This is probably the most popular question I get….and the answer is simple…whatever you feel sexy in! Most clients opt for some form of lingerie. A bra and panty set, corset, silk robe, nightie, stockings, your love’s favorite work shirt, or nothing at all–whatever you opt for, it will turn out fabulous! In a 1 hour photo session, you will typically have time for up to 3 “looks” or outfits! You cannot be too prepared! Pull lots of different looks and we will play! Once you've completed the booking process with me, you will also receive a detailed shoot guide that will help you with preparations and wardrobe considerations!

{Q:} These photos are intended as a gift for my significant other…what photo products make the best gift?

{A:} Folios Folios Folios! I offer different sizes, and you can see a complete list under the investment page. Some clients also opt for canvases...and these will also be available to you for purchase. 

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